Bigfoot sightings in Locust Grove Area -White tail deer hunter Don Easley

Locust Grove Turkey like creatures  " that had bodies like turkeys, long dark hair with faces similar to native americans, & when the gobbled they gobbled my name!..Chuck Easley locust grove hunter.

  • Oklahoma Cryptids In My neck of the woods so far is
  • Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Tsul Kalu
  • Black panther /mountain lions
  • Phantom Kangaroos
  • Little people
  • Deer  Woman

The Kangaroo sightings of Tulsa & Owasso Oklahoma connection. These Sightings were in Mysterious america author. Loren coleman & Mysterious Oklahoma author. David A. Farris. A buddy of mine worked for the Tulsa World years ago. I was fortunate enough to obtain the original photo of mystery solved in tulsa & owasso around 1981. The Kangaroos turned out to be a cavy or cavies . Though they never explained where the creatures came from . That is still unsolved

Black panther/big cat sightings in Drumright/mannford & cleveland oklahoma..